"A new generation wind powered ventilator which provides superior starting torque in light breezes.
Designed and manufactured in Australia."

SupaVent is a world first - ASA polymer vent with a vertical vane design.
This provides the following product advantages.

The technology leader. Sturdy ASA polymer construction, vertical vanes and permanently lubricated stainless steel bearings ensure long life and efficient performance

Attractive design. Its smooth aerodynamic profile complements almost any home.

Performs in light breezes. The vertical vane design provides SupaVent with a superior starting torque in light breezes.

Won't rust or corrode. Made from ASA polymer with UV inhibition - won't chip, crack or corrode. Unlike some metal vents, rust is never a problem.

Withstands severe wind and rain. In independent laboratory trials, SupaVent withstood wind velocities of 240km/hr and satisfied the Internation Rain Dynamic Penetration Test.

Fits all roof types. SupaVent's "Vari-Pitch" base and flashing fits any roof type with slopes zero to 45. Installation is a simple matter.

15 Year Warranty. Twin precision stainless steel bearings enable a 15 year extended warranty to be offered.

Available in most popular colours.

EDMONDS SUPA VENT is a premium wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat from the roof space of a home.The vent has an attractive and streamlined design to complement any house design.

The Supa Vent has been designed to perform in kight breezes, which means the heat in your roof space will be exhausted even on relatively still hot summer days. Unlike traditional metal roof vents, Supa Vents are constructed from a durable UV stabilised polymer - which means they wont rust or corrode and come with a 15 year warranty.


Designed to work effectively even in light winds
Suitable for use on tiled or metal roofs

Features and Benefits

Exhausts hot trapped air in summer
Removes moisture build up in winter
Smooth and quiet operation
Won't rust or corrode
Strong dome for protection against hail and wind
Available in a range of 16 colours to suit any roof
15 year warranty

A new generation in Turbine Ventilators - Super vent

Super Vents

Insulguard Insulation and Total Roof Vacuum
Be Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer
Delivering the highest quality products
 at the best possible price