This aluminium wind driven roof ventilator combines classic design with high tech features for guaranteed long lasting performance. Available in a huge range - 26 colours.

EDMONDS WINDMASTER is a wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat moisture from the roof space of a home. Constructed from light weight aluminium, it has a classic design and comes with a 15 year warranty for long lasting comfort in your home.


Removal of heat trapped in the cavity of a home in summer
Removal of moisture trapped in the roof cavity of a home in winter
When used with WHIRLY MATE ventilates living areas


Exhausts hot trapped air in summer
Removes moisture build up in winter
Smooth and quiet operation
Large range of colours to suit any roof
Suitable for most roof types
Replaceable bearings
15 year warranty
Insulguard Insulation and Total Roof Vacuum
Be Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

Whirly Birds

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