These machines are purpose built for the safe removal of foam and cellulose fibre insulation, lead and heavy metal dust as well as animal and insect faeces often found in ceiling voids.

Insul-guards friendly staff can answer any questions you have in regards to thermal and acoustic insulation materials as well as insulation removal, roof space cleaning, ceiling vacuuming and ventilation systems for new and existing buildings- residential, commercial and industrial Vacuum Services

Insul-Guard Insulation and Vacuuming specialises in the removal and safe disposal of dust and degraded insulation materials using vacuum suction techniques.

Our unique services include:

Insulation removal - batts and cellulose fibre (blow in )
Difficult access vacuuming
Gutter vacuum
Site clean ups
Bird dropping removal from high rise buildings
Awning cleaning - shop fronts
Removal of animal faeces ( rats, possums and birds) from roof cavity
Debris removal - from the attic and under the house
Spill clean ups- roadside emergency spills, dry industrial spills
Clean water tanks
Insul-Guards Vacuuming provides an industrial strength vacuuming service. Hepa filter ceiling and attic vacuuming, loose fill or blow in insulation vacuuming, lead dust extraction, difficult access vacuuming, bird dropping removal and jobsite cleaning are just some of the uses for our versatile HEPA filter vacuum units. Ceiling dust is known to contain animal droppings, mould and fungi, lead and heavy metals, asbestos and formaldehyde.

Don't put your family's health at risk, call Insul-Guard for a free assessment. Our Home Detox service will rid your home of Formaldehyde and any other harmful substances that might be there, ensuring your home becomes a safe, healthy environment for your family

Asthma and sinus sufferers will notice a remarkable dust decrease, which will relieve suffering.

In most buildings ceiling cavities can contain high levels of lead mixed in with a build-up of dust. In many cases this dust contains other harmful contaminants including mineral fibres, pesticides, chemical pollutants, asbestos, animal faeces and dust mites to name a few. For this reason getting your ceiling vacuumed and any old insulation removed before laying new insulation is probably a wise move.

As part of Insul-Guards insulation removal service, we employ state of the art industrial vacuums designed specifically for lead dust removal and ceiling vacuuming. Our units are powered by a Honda Engine specifically modified with HEPA filter exhaust systems designed to extract all lead dust removal from your roof in an efficient and safe manner. We can insure your roof space will not only be left clean but also be cleaned in a safe manner. there is no space in your roof that will be left untouched.

Insulation Removal

Insul-guards vacuum is perfect for all types of insulation removal, ceiling vacuuming, including insulation batts, foam and cellulose. Generally speaking, if your insulation is over 30 years old, chances are its not only under-performing, but may also contain high levels of lead dust and other such pollutants. In this case insul-guard offers the possibility to remove all old insulation, giving you a complete roof vacuum enabling you to start from scratch.


To combat the safety and health risks that blocked gutters can present to homes and families, Insul-Guard offers a complete range of vacuum gutter cleaning services that represent efficiency, quality, and value.

It's well known that gutters can easily trap leaves, sticks and debris that reduce the efficiency of your gutters and downpipes, as well as create a substantial fire risk. But did you know that blocked gutters can also be a breeding ground for insects, vermin and pests that can present a very real risk to your family?

A vacuum gutter cleaning solution from Insul-Guard is a cost effective way of clearing blocked gutters and delivering a range of benefits water collection system

As well as your gutters, our powerful vacuum system also can completely clean your home's downpipes: not only removing leaves and debris, but also years of accumulated sludge. You'll notice the difference!

It's not just homeowners that can benefit from our vacuum gutter cleaning solutions. We are also very experienced in delivering our quality services to business owners throughout the commercial buildings. In addition, we are also able to clean floor drains and storm water retention pits.

We make the choice to use Insul-Guard an easy one. For an obligation free quote on a tailored vacuum gutter cleaning solution for your home or business call us on 0249327341


We believe that our vacuum gutter cleaning services deliver an unparalleled solution for home and business owners As well as our quality workmanship, our customers also love us for our friendly service and competitive prices.


For your home, blocked gutters present more problems than just being an inconvenience. Clogged gutters can present a fire risk and very real health concerns for you and your family.

We use the latest technology and industry leading processes to bring you a vacuum gutter cleaning solution that is quick, efficient, and offers incredible value for money.

We offer a complete range of vacuum gutter cleaning services, all delivered with our commitment to providing our customers reliable service, cost effectiveness and quality workmanship. In addition, we also specialise in roof cleaning, roof cavity cleaning and ceiling insulation removal and installation, all backed up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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